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My Story: Driven by Curiosity

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Crater Lake

My path in life is full of discoveries waiting to be uncovered. The earliest of these personal discoveries came to me when I became enamored with the study of biochemistry. I specifically enjoyed studying the interplay between chemical compounds and their effect in the human body; it was fascinating to witness the interaction of the two entities resulting in variable responses that were dependent on chemical structure. This interest led me to pursue a study in pharmacological chemistry in college and eventually led to my doctorate in pharmacology.

I was driven to understand the underlying mechanisms that caused drugs to cause an effect in the body. My thesis work led to the discovery of new biochemical processes and an understanding at a molecular level how drugs induce changes at their target receptor. This result ultimately allows one to better understand the effectiveness of the drug based on the responses elicited.

As I was pursuing my interest in pharmacology, a recurring theme presented itself time and time again. Each time I tried to suppress this “entity” it came back stronger and with much vigor. Lying in the undercurrent was my desire to write. My fondness for the written word can be found at an early age. As a young middle school student I wrote poetry as an expression of my feelings. At the high school level, I could be found writing educational pamphlets as a tool to tutor my peers as well as develop PowerPoint presentations to help visualize mathematical theorems and properties. After high school and up until recently, I primarily used my writing as a creative outlet to ameliorate the rigors of the day. Unbeknownst to me, writing solely for the purposes of personal delight would soon change.

My graduate study in pharmacology required me to communicate my research findings to others. I had to therefore mold my craft into a more technical manner and be able to disseminate these discoveries to others in a clear, concise fashion. I utilized the written word to publish my pharmacological discoveries in scientific journals. I also created posters to display these findings, which were presented at well-known bio research meetings. My work not only garnered praise, but I was able to earn prestigious awards for my ability to communicate.

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Eventually I found myself desiring to write more.

To quench this thirst, I subsequently started a personal poetry blog. I have since expanded my repertoire and will continue to do so. When I finally defended my thesis and earned a doctorate, I reached a crossroads in my career.

Did I want to continue laboratory science or endeavor into the relative unknown with a career in writing?

After doing some in depth research, soul searching and discussion with loved ones, I decided that writing would serve me best. Why? While I did not mind running experiments, I found the pace of scientific discovery quite disconcerting. Doing benchwork science is an inherently slow and gradual process. I wholeheartedly appreciate the great scientists for the work they do, but I discovered that I was much more motivated when it came time to write and report about my research. I had felt more satisfied when I wrote about my data then when I actually procured it. Though I have decided to change the direction of my career, I have not left science entirely nor do I feel that it is necessary to do so. I still enjoy reading and learning about new scientific discoveries, especially in the biomedical sciences. I believe that I can accomplish interests in both areas by melding them into one.

This is where you meet me today: A writer with a knack for science. As I venture unto this journey, I would like to build upon what has already been accomplished so far. I believe I have valuable skills that others may need.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you are in need of a writer. No task is too small or big, nor does it strictly have to be scientific in matter. My writing resides in a region that is wide-ranging, encompassing the technical domains to the creative realms.

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It is quite expansive and it is a representation of me, one who is well-rounded. My personal and professional gratification is to always achieve success in a timely manner, but not only that. I strive to produce results of utmost quality. I look forward to working with you and would like to thank you for your time.